Aglow - Breaking The Mold - Elise Mesner Photography

1. Hi Elise! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where do you live? What do you do?
Hi, hello, hey, HI! I'm a big lounger, disco napper, bask in the sun hammock styler, get up and dance, dancer. I recently moved to Los Angeles, but spent my whole life growing and learning in Detroit. I do creative things: photography, cooking, art, music.
2. Your style is so unique. Wow. How did you begin pursuing photography as a career? 
Thankyaaaa so much! Naturally fell in love with photography and all the arts as a child. Worked for almost a decade in Accounting and always made room for creative interests on the side. Decided to plunge into freelance photography/arts full-time and I absolutely adore it. 
3. Who are your idols? Who inspires you?
The Beach Boys, Eddie Kendricks, Thom Yorke and all the falsetto voices out there. Music has really inspired my arts and puts me in a floaty mood, always. I spend more time listening than I do looking and even more time eating. Fruits among all the foods give my brain an inventiveness.

4. Do you have any modeling experience? If so, how do you feel it’s elevated your photography?
Yes indeed, I do enjoy the other side of the camera. It makes it a bit easier when photographing others -- knowing what it's like to be the model, makes it a bit easier to achieve the shot.

5. What has been your most exciting photoshoot and why? 
A few years back, a giant snow storm had me trapped in the house. Didn't have much to eat other than breakfast foods and I felt like doing a little still life photo so I cooked up a sunny-side-up egg and dumped some sprinkles over the egg and wahh-la. Super simple, and became an instant favorite.

6. The colors in your photos are very vibrant and create a signature look. They almost mirror pieces of modern art. Have you always incorporated strong colors into your craft, or did it evolve with your business? What do you think makes an image so YOU?
Color stories are my favorite. If I'm driving along and see a minty building with a chocolate lab running by, I can't help but jump out of my car and pull out my camera. Maybe this makes me, me? Wonder what makes all of us, us. That's quite a fun recipe -- what makes us all unique.

7. You have worked with some very high end clients. Do they find you through word of mouth or do you market yourself or work with an agency? Our readers love these stories. 
Zillions of art shows, teaching painting classes and always putting my arts out for the world to see has been a great tool. Instagram featured me last year and it really amped up my client base. Folks are finding me and I'm so grateful for that. Super gratitude forces for the internet world, it has really changed the way artists are able to network. No agency representation as of it -- something I may look into.

8. What does a typical workday look like for you?
The day usually starts with sleeping in. I say it's necessary to keep the creative mind sharp. I like to wake up naturally, slowly make breakfast and do stretches in the sunshine. Products are generally shipped to my home and I schedule out the days to shoot, days to edit. Free flowing. Letting the day guide me along.

9. Say some of our readers are interested in pursuing fashion photography. What 3 key pieces of advice would you give them and why? 
Photograph fashion that you really love. The excitement will show in the photo. BUT, there are no rules. Make it your own is my biggest thought and then snap, snap, snap.

10. What is one goal that you have for your business within the next year? 
I'd like to make a full album, all the production, singing and playing + all the visual arts. Music has been a new priority.

11. How do you conceptualize your photos before you take them? We’d love to hear about your process!
Generally spending a moment spacing out on an area or product, getting to know it, letting it marinade. And then I find a new habitat to capture something unique. Always following my heart-gut.

12. Anything else to add?
Lavender cookies and Taro Bread are amazing.

Childhood Idol: Grandma and Gramps
Theme Song: Elia y Elizabeth - Description
Your perfect day: Sunny naps