Bunny Trails and Rabbit Holes: an Art Show to Benefit the Bunnies

The Plymouth Coffee Bean presents“Bunny Trails and Rabbit Holes,” an exhibition benefiting the Midwest Rabbit Rescue and Rehome, opening Monday, December 2, with a Artists' Reception on Saturday, December 14th from 7-9pm.

Renowned local artists featured include: Shanta Ambady, Madeleine Barkey, Christine Bruxvoort, Nicole Burroughs, Marianne Audrey Burrows, Alana Carlson, Ben DeFever, Ghosty, Lindsey Harnish, Kim Hoxworth, Gwen Joy, Marie Kidd, B.p. LeGault Elise Mesner, Denise Rieck, Mike Ross, Krysti Spence. 

The show will be exhibited throughout Plymouth Coffee Bean and will run through January 30. It is free and open to the public (though patronage of Plymouth Coffee Bean is encouraged).

“Bunny Trails and Rabbit Holes” expands beyond the adorable preconception of fluffy bunnies as symbols of childhood and innocence. In a variety of mediums, including ceramics, fiber art, and encaustics, the artwork explores the often contrary nature of 
these ubiquitous creatures: Rabbits as prey and as fighters, angelic rabbits versus deviant bunnies and even more imaginative renderings. Playful, happy images are contrasted against explorations of life’s startling brevity and the starkness of death. 

“You can spend your entire life in the company of rabbits and never figure them out,” remarks curator Lindsey Harnish. “They’re complicated creatures, with varying moods and preferences, freak moments where they sprint around in glee or huddle alongside you to mourn.”

The show was inspired by the death of Harnish’s pet rabbit, which had lived in her home for twelve years, and the subsequent adoption of a bonded pair of rabbits from the Midwest Rabbit Rescue and Rehome.

“I am so impressed with how they raise awareness about what it actually is like to live with a rabbit,” remarks Harnish. “They are very comprehensive with the adoption process and were very patient and involved with pairing the rabbits with their new owners.”

Artists are donating a percentage of their art sales to Midwest Rabbit Rescue and Rehome. The rescue’s primary purpose is ”to place into permanent and loving homes rabbits that have been abandoned, surrendered or abused. We provide housing, food 
and care for our rabbits at our rescue and adoption center in Plymouth, Michigan.”


We have a standing policy at this desk to support any event geared to benefit animal rescue, so here's a heartfelt hope that you'll check out Bunny Trails and Rabbit Holes, an art show to benefit the Midwest Rabbit Rescue and Rehome. Our furry pals need help, so talented people like Lindsey Harnish, Madeleine Barkey, Michael Ross, Elise Mesner, Kim Hoxworth, Marianne Audrey Burrows, Shanta Ambady, B.p. LeGault and others made some beautiful works for a 12/2 exhibit at Plymouth Coffee Bean. Drop in, smell the coffee, buy something (or make a donation) and make a nasty crack about Daffy Duck. 884 Penniman Avenue and go to rabbitrr.org.

-Robert Del Valle