KONBINI | Visual Interview - LA Artist Elise Mesner


Visual Interview: LA Artist Elise Mesner And Her Creamy-Colored Universe

Hey! Welcome to visual interviews – an ongoing Konbini series where we get to know incredible artists through text-less Q&A’s. Because what better way to acquaint someone than by looking at their strange visual musings, amiright?

Kicking off the series is Detroit-born, Los Angeles-based artist Elise Mesner (@lellopepper) and her world of “creamy colors, plants, fresh air, and drops of neon.” Get familiar below:

Who are you?

What is your work about?

Your favorite color at the moment…

Your guilty pleasure?

What is love, according to you?

Summer vibes or winter jibes?

Your perfect Halloween outfit?

On your day off, you are…

How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

You have one photo to put in a time capsule – which one do you choose?

Keep up with Elise Mesner’s work through her website and Instagram!