MeetKVell - Elise Mesner

Where were you born?

Born and raised in Detroit.


Where do you live now?

Moved to Los Angeles this past summer, August 2015.


What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

@Meetkvell!!! @George_Byrne@Larkfoord@Custom_Drywall@Bandini3000@_nguan_ @Juergentellerpage,@Renhangrenhang@Maryavocado, and so many more… So much goodness out there.


What’s your favorite food?

Can I add an ‘S’ to Food. Heirloom Potatoes, heirloom everything. Potato everything. Got a thing with lavender and vanilla beans right now. Soul food and Mexican are total favs. I love it all.


Who’s your favorite music artist?

80’s, Italo Disco, French Pop… SO hard to pick one. Donovan, The Zombies, Elia y Elizabeth, Gary Numan, 90’s Smashing Pumpkins, Astrud Gilberto… If I was stuck on the moon and could only listen to one thing, maybe I’d pick Black Sabbath.


If you weren’t a photographer/artist, what would you be doing?

I’d still adore to be a hip hop rapper something like MIA, Bjork, Foxy Brown mixture. Also, Aquatic Scientist Lady, Writer + Break Dancing on the side. Cooking meals, making perfume potions, watering plants.

Tell us about your aesthetic. What inspired you?

Plants, foods, color and texture studies are a major part of my my constitution. Hot sunshine and everything that makes ya feel alive, so alive.