MOTOR CITY BLOG: Color & Fun, Majestic Cafe



Majestic Cafe 4120 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI

Thursday, June 16 at 8pm

Fun art opening featuring Maurice Greenia Jr., Nate Rodgers, Elise Mesner,
Larry Larson, and Gwen Joy.

Larry Larson who plays every friday at The Gaelic League will treat everyone
to a musical set.

Maurice Greenia Jr. will do a puppet show.

Gwen Joy will do a JoyToy show (similiar to a puppet show) where she becomes
an auctioneer at the end of the show and endorses the local doggie daycare
service Canine to Five.

Larry Larson will guest star in her show.

The art will be up for a month.

This will be colorful and fun!