PAOM - Print All Over Me x ELISE MESNER


ELISE MESNER is an artist based in Detroit who utilizes a variety of mediums to create her dreamscape imagery. Creamy colors, plants, fresh air, and drops of neon rule her world. Read her Q&A with Elise below to find out where she draws her inspiration from and shop her collection!
Q:  Where does the name Lellopepper come from?
A: Wordsmithing has been a thing I've always enjoyed. Something about the word 'pepper' and the way it pumps and plumps and adds a little shabangle. 'Ello' is another favorite -- such a favorite that adding any to letter to the word is too funfunfun. Hello mello-yello-fello on a jello pello getting all lello Together lello and pepper make sense. Things get lellopeppered. Let's lellopepper this, lellopepper that. Zing zang lellopepper.

Q: Many of your prints feature food in humorous ways - can you tell us the back story behind this imagery?

A: Having a huge palate for flavor that flows into arty medias has always been a major part of my constitution. It's only natural for me to play with foods and medias to create new sights for the eyes. There's nothing so fresh and erotic as tropical fruits. I can't help myself.

Q: You have an impressive range of talents and interests when it comes to your creative practice - which would you say is your favorite medium?

A: Photography will always be a first love but there's something oh so special about crispy white paper and an old black Bic pen to hatch out ideas.

Q: What silhouette would you like to see on PAOM in the coming year?

A: Wearable sleeping bags for chilly camping nights accompanied with rad thermos combos for hot soups and chimichangas!

Q: If someone was going to visit Detroit and has never been, where would you tell them to go?

A: Check out all of the eats, the gritty bars, births and deaths of beautiful old buildings with urban explorations and there's real magic on Belle Isle.