Pitch - Present | Elise Mesner


It’s a fact that many creative industries workers will hold more than one job at a time. A stylist may also work as a photographer, a writer might moonlight as a bartender and a visual artist may also be a musician. The pairing of artistic professions is a way of life for many creatives, but Detroit-native Elise Mesner keeps herself busy with not only two professions, but an additional five on top of that.

Mesner is an accomplished photographer, having her work being published in a variety of publications, and she is also a visual artist having previous residencies in art galleries across The United Statesincluding the Detroit Institute of Arts. This creative also dabbles in illustration, collage, fashion and costume design, styling and music, making her one of the most busy people we’ve discovered. 

Elise Mesner’s photography is by far her strongest pursuit. Her images thrive on vibrant colours, the natural plants and air around her and a sense of whimsy that you don’t see everywhere. Her portraits are always unique and blend together art and fashion and her still life creates images made with contrasting objects, blending together worlds that wouldn’t meet otherwise. 

The images are bold and artistically appealing making them beautiful and innovative. 


Words / Lauren Payne