The Gallery of Arts | Elise Mesner

Elise Mesner 
ink on wood, photography

"My work is earth-friendly, hippie ecoart! Floating ink drawings delicately detailed on wood, often old pine planks. I like to draw youthful fantasies of nature and fairytales, stories of love and flowers with heavy floral patterns and wild color. I'm fond of sea creatures, bugs, fresh air and spreading art."

--Elise Mesner

Early works of Elise Mesner

Sammy The Bird Brain

Tealm & Salter Welder 1

Tealm & Salter Welder 2

Kiwi Sexwood

Boat-Fruited 1

Boat-Fruited 2

Caterpillar Beavergreems


Jancy The Caffeine Pill

Orange Pig Machinery Trader

The Lady & The Clear Koolaid Lion Head

Heart So Big-You Make Me Dance So Hard


Randle Treebank