Harveys | We LOVE Lellopepper


Instagram has become one of our favorite social media platforms, and one of the main reasons is because it offers a unique way to connect with artists, photographers, and overall interesting people. The searchable hashtags alone delivers a quick visual window into a creative community who all have something different to offer, and discover someone easily that perhaps you would’ve never connected with any other way. One of those people is Elise Mesner, also known as @lellopepper on Instagram.

Elise has been featured in several magazines, on sites like Brit + Co, Buzzfeed, etc. She’s well known and respected in the art community. We’ve been a big fan of hers for some time know, and have even shared a few of her photos before on our Instagram. Pictured above is a pic she took for us with the Saguaro tote. 

Lucky for us, she was responsive to our “we love you” messages and we were able to make that connection. It’s evolved to having her shoot our entire Spring Lookbook! We are really excited to have her fun and kitschy perspective partnered with our bags.